Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your Life, Episode 04 – Break-Thru

Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your LifeIt’s the fourth episode of ULTRAVERSE PODCAST: PRIME OF YOUR LIFE!

The Ultraverse Network’s coverage of Break-Thru continues! This episode The Irredeemable Shag and David cover Break-Thru #1 & #2, as well as Prime #7 and The Solution #4! We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

Thanks for listening!

Next week: The third episode of THE NIGHT MAN PODCAST!

One Reply to “Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your Life, Episode 04 – Break-Thru”

  1. Frank

    Listened to this episode a few weeks back, but never finished writing my comments, and let them sit on my wordpad until ya’ll had already moved on to a new episode. Darn.

    Bummed you guys veered away from Hole for your theme song into Queen, understandably but hopefully temporarily. Not the choicest cut. The song I kept hearing in my head during this episode was Jamiroquai’s “Everybody Going to the Moon.”

    In all honesty, you guys kind of lost me for large chunks of this episode. Two shows devoted to #1s, a CD-Romic and boom– linewide crossover. I still don’t really know who these guys are, and this paragraph serves double duty in describing why we all got together in 2000 and decided by a clear majority that ’90s comics weren’t so hot. You guys talk, and what I hear are Nouns/Adverbs that I can vaguely associate with trading cards/mini-comics/payola advertisement “articles” in Hero Illustrated. I even have to listen to multiple podcasts to get the whole story! Suffice to say, it’s a good thing you’re a charming pair, because the subject matter is oh so Shasta.

    “Jesus was an Ultra” would have been a boss tee.

    Gorgeous George Perez has always supported independent comics with his covers, and that’s swell, but I don’t like it very much when he does non-DC/Marvel super-people. He’s so good at drawing on-model corporate super heroes that when he goes off-brand, it feels like slumming and looks out of place. The Ultraverse was defined visually by young turks from lower-tier Marvel titles and straight from the minors, so Perez seemed really out of place, especially when realistically portraying clearly intentionally caricatured outlandish characters like Rogue Prime.

    Is there a Milestone podcast? I read a run of early issues on Hardware and liked them, but never followed-up and couldn’t get into anything else they published.

    The truth is, the Genesis Protectors sub-line was one of my many failed trials in search of books to adopt as a new “universe” after swearing off Marvel and before I fully embraced DC. Malibu used to run teasers of Jerry Bingham’s character redesigns that whet my appetite, and I’ve been fascinated by lesser known Golden Age characters since reading a tantalizing magazine article on them in the early ’80s. Unfortunately, Protectors and its spin-off Ferret were terrible books, and I was done with them before that one gimmick issue where a bullet home punched through every story page and the chest of the dude on the cover. I don’t have a single copy of any of them anymore, but yo, I could hook you up with a ‘Breed podcast, no sweat. What’s your policy on R-rated curse worse per minute? M’boys got mouths like a sewer.


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