Prime #4 Variant Covers by Norm Breyfogle

Prime #4 featured a cool battle between Prime and Prototype! To build hype for the issue, it was printed with two different covers to choose from, both by Norm Breyfogle. Check ’em out!

Prime #4 – Prototype Victorious

Prime #4 Prototype Victorious

 Prime #4 – Prime Victorious

Prime #4 Prime Victorious

Two of my favorite Ultraverse heroes drawn by one of my favorite artists! Two great tastes that taste great together!

Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your Life, Episode 03 – Prime CD-Romix

Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your LifeIt’s the third episode of ULTRAVERSE PODCAST: PRIME OF YOUR LIFE!

In this very special episode, we share an audio adaptation of Prime #1 from the CD-Romix! Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for listening!

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Happy Thanksgiving from ULTRAVERSE NETWORK

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Ultra-Fans! To celebrate, today we’re featuring the Prime balloon from the 1994 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! This comes from Prime #19 written by Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski, with pencils by Dave Cockrum & Tim Hamilton, and inks by Keith Aiken & Rodney Gates.

This year I’m thankful for the fun we’ve had with the Ultraverse Network! Celebrating these characters, interacting with fellow fans and creators alike, and finding my joy reading these comics over again!

Prime #19 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Happy Thanksgiving!


Prime Custom Action Figures

Building custom action figures is an art form all it’s own. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise there are some pretty cool Ultraverse custom action figures out there! Today we’re looking at just one example.

Check out these two versions of Prime by Dan Drewes! Classic Prime and Rogue Prime! Apparently Dan used Wrecking Crew figures as the base along with Thor heads.

Prime Toy Custom 1

Prime Toy Custom 2

I love how each figure is similar, yet still so different from the other. Fantastic job, Dan!

I found these at Figure, along with many more custom Ultraverse figures. We’ll definitely cover more in the future!

If you could have your own custom Ultraverse action figure, who would you pick?

Ultra Monthly #1

My professional background is in marketing, so I love stumbling across old promotional material. Especially promotional material for comic books! Today we’re presenting the entire first issue of Ultra Monthly, a giveaway 16-page comic promoting Malibu’s Ultraverse. Normally we don’t share an entire comic, however, this particular issue was free and for promotional purposes. Below is a fantastic description of the magazine from Longbox Graveyard, website of Paul O’Connor (Contributing Editor on Ultra Monthly).

The idea behind Ultra Monthly was that it was a news magazine from inside the Ultraverse — it told the story of the Ultraverse through news stories and “photographs,” relating only what an outsider would be able to divine about the super-powered derring-do of the Ultraverse. I guess it was kind of like Marvels, except that Ultra Monthly was a news magazine, and not a comic (and we didn’t have a couple guys named Busiek and Ross on board, either). Anyway, the point was to show a “street” level view of the Ultraverse, but it was also to promote the characters in the line, and that proved especially challenging for characters that lurked in the shadows of this new fictional world.

Nicely explained, Paul! And now, “The Premiere Ultrahuman News Magazine!” Click the images below to read the entire magazine.

Ultra Monthly 01-p01

Ultra Monthly 01-p02

Ultra Monthly 01-p03

Ultra Monthly 01-p04

Ultra Monthly 01-p05

Ultra Monthly 01-p06

Ultra Monthly 01-p08

Ultra Monthly 01-p09

Ultra Monthly 01-p10

Ultra Monthly 01-p11

Ultra Monthly 01-p12

Ultra Monthly 01-p13

Ultra Monthly 01-p14

Ultra Monthly 01-p15

Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your Life, Episode 02

Ultraverse Podcast: Prime of Your LifeIt’s the second episode of ULTRAVERSE PODCAST: PRIME OF YOUR LIFE!

In this episode, co-hosts the Irredeemable Shag and David continue their coverage of #1 issues, featuring: Firearm, Prototype, Solution, Night Man, Sludge, and Solitaire! Plus, we read some of your Ultra-Feedback on the air!

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Favorite Covers: Prototype #7 by Jerome K Moore

One of my favorite Ultraverse covers was Prototype #7 by Jerome K Moore! Check out the original art below. Such gorgeous lines and detail! Plus, Arena was a compelling villain with a striking look!

Prototype #7 cover by Jerome K Moore

Jerome posted this to Facebook back in September stating the art was done in pencil, ink, china marker, and gouache. He identified his influences for the piece were: Mike Mignola, Ross Andru, Michael J Zeck, John Romita Sr, and Brian Stelfreeze. The final printed version was colored by George Cox (GC3).

Prototype #7 cover by Jerome K Moore

Absolutely stunning piece!