Wrath of Aladdin Case File 001

A worldwide phenomenon, Often labeled with many names and showing up under many titles in our archives such as ‘the rise’ ‘moon called’ and ‘break thru’, followed closely on the heels of the birth of the Ultras.  Ultra Amber Hunt, with her shifting powers, was used as a catalyst for classified entities seemingly battling for control over the entire planet.  The events were rapidly changing the very ecosystem of our planet and were quite frankly difficult for Aladdin to keep up with.

Subject Solitaire, proving to be of continued interest to agent Rains, gathered intelligence from a private network regarding the activities of a cult following an individual known as the Moon Man who had invaded and succeeded in taking over Looneyville – the happiest place on earth. With the local authorities busy assisting us and the U.S. Army with the rising tide of Ultra’s needing to get to the moon subject Solitaire took it upon himself to use his incredible acrobatic skills to gain entry by way of the east quadrant of Looneyville.

What followed was a textbook account of counter insertion as Subject Solitaire traversed the rooftops of old town village, swimming through the wacky wave park and super slide surprise land, and finally snaking through the silly swamp where subject solitaire met with his first wave of resistance who were armed with a curious choice of classic weaponry that proved quite easy to smuggle into through the gates of Looneyville: bows and arrows.

With cunning and subterfuge subject Solitaire demonstrated a mastery of guerrilla warfare tactics, possibly programmed through his nanotech, as he disarmed and subdued cultist after cultist with little more than strength, speed, agility, and akido. Once given the opportunity subject solitaire displayed additional mastery of the bow and arrow with precise quickly drawn strikes that proved to increase his intelligence and pave the way through the heart of Looneyville to the large space observatory.



Solitaire #2 Moon Madness

It bares noting that not a single cultist was killed during subject solitaire’s infiltration and hundreds upon hundreds of straggling tourists were able to seek shelter and survive the coming events inside the depths of Looneyville which proved quite useful as a makeshift disaster shelter.

It bares further noting that agents within subject solitaire’s own private intelligence network report a bout of extreme delirium during the healing process of an arrow strike to the chest.  it would appear that Subject Solitaire is most vulnerable directly after a high impact wound delivered to a vital section of his still very human anatomy.  While the nanotech in subject solitaires system repaired his system his brain and very consciousness struggled to process the input causing fever like symptoms, visions, and while reports vary subject solitaire was seemingly unconscious from between 1 to 5 minutes during the process.

Further research by agent rains would lead Aladdin researchers to believe that subject solitaire suffers from intense reaction detachment disorder.  there is more data on that investigation in a separate case file.  These findings are of great interest to Aladdin, and agent Rains in particular, as we have additional intelligence that subject solitaire’s father Anton Lone was ultimately responsible for outfitting the moon cult with the atomic bomb that was intended to blow up Looneyville and send the occupants to the stars to meet the moon entity.

Anton lone’s motivations, clearly financial in origin and very involvement in this escapade only serve to fuel subject solitaire’s rage and motivation to continue his crusading quest to rid the world of his father’s legacy.

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The Ultraverse has always been described as a ‘Writer’s Universe” with emphasis over story building then imagery (pun intended).  James Robinson, who produced some of his first professional work in the Ultraverse, is a writer often name dropped when supporting this claim. James Robinson wrote for Firearm.  Firearm was very will written with very funny and poignant dialog.  Firearm was also very well designed with beautiful imagery. If your not familiar Firearm is about an ex spy turned private eye operating in a tinsel town filled with Ultras.  Here is one of my all time favorite single pages in a comic book, from Firearm #1 (page 16).

firearm - 1_16

I know when I read it for the first time (and every time) it feels like I’m in a great P.I. detective show on television.  Great imagery and design for a comic in a ‘Writer’s Universe’….

The Wrath of Aladdin Podcast, Ep. 1

This episode: “Case File: Solitaire.”

It’s the first episode of The Wrath of Aladdin Podcast, hosted by Caine Dorr! In this episode, Caine cracks open the classified files of the Ultraverse’s very own Ultra Intelligence Agency: Aladdin – hunting for data on the mysterious Ultra otherwise known as SOLITAIRE.

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The Night Man Approach

I’d done the definitive Batman, and I’d co-created Shadowman, but when Malibu asked me to co-create the Ultraverse and help populate it, I decided to go for the ultimate expression of the dark loner theme – the man who comes around at night – The Night Man. He existed in a “San Francisco of the mind” – SF the way it would be if the cool things from all its past, like Playland-at-the-Beach, still existed today. It’s the SF that held the Maltese Falcon, and the one with the Transamerica Pyramid.” ~Steve Englehart

night man v1_1-01One of the coolest and most unique aspects of The Night Man, particularly when you look back from the reboot era we are in now, is that The Night Man was contently evolving as a character. I suppose that has more to do with Malibu’s Ultraverse being new and then never really getting the chance to be old before it was purchased by Marvel and then consumed by the 90s crash of the comic industry but regardless of the reason: it made the character unique.

The Night Man was just a regular guy who’d “put his time in at the gym/dojo” like everyone else was doing at the time. Then after he being caught in an automobile accident he could hear people’s thoughts and was struck with a nasty case of unshakable insomnia. This prompted him to don a costume and a secret identity as he pursued those with more evil thoughts – particularly since he couldn’t go to the cops and ask someone to be arrested for there thoughts.

This meant that Johny Domino became a seamstress as he created and continually adapted his costume. He became an electrician and computer engineer as he established new forms of communication and computer link ups that were new at the time. He became a contractor and mechanic as he built a hiding place in his home and in his car for the costume. Johny “Night Man” Domino was always learning new methods to track men and hunt them down as well as he took to the streets night after night as The Night Man.Capture

When he was faced with battling magic and magical beings such as werewolves The Night Man evolved once again into another kind of being all together – one harnessing the essence of black magic that required quite a few sacrifices in order to harness the power he sought out in order to continue being The Night Man. One such sacrifice was the need to consume nutrients from food but rather from human organs. This same quest led to The Night Man traveling to another dimension (The Marvel Universe) and two distinct Johny Domino’s existing at the same time – one in each universe.

Assuming that the Ultraverse hadn’t been jammed into a desk drawer never to be pulled out again and had always continued running or had been revived what where would the characters be at? What would they be doing? What would The Night Man be doing?